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We purchase premium hardwood logs for firewood processing.  All of our wood is harvested by certified loggers in an environmentally safe manner. 

Our firewood is kiln dried and USDA certified. 

Help protect the environment and forests - insist on purchasing USDA certified firewood.
We produce both:
Heat-treated Kiln Dried Firewood
Air dried or Seasoned Firewood
Please call to ask about Wholesale Firewood
Retail Firewood
We have Tractor-Trailer load quantities available for order!
We provide wholesale firewood to the following commercial outlets:

Convenience Stores


Grocery Stores

Hardware Stores


RV Resorts

Ski Resorts



firewood in mesh bags

shrink wrapped bundles

60-100 per pallet

bulk firewood

We are located in Culpeper, VA and can ship our product to you by tractor trailer!  Please contact us today for wholesale pricing inquiries.

firewood on pallets

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